Second Home Owners Can Avoid Paying Any Council Tax

It is not commonly known that “holiday lets” can pay No Council Tax if they are available for a certain number of days per year (140).
The important wording is “available”. Your property could be "available" all winter and you come down from London and use your “holiday let” all summer at the expense of local residents.
 This means that if a village has, for example, 75% “holiday lets” (like Worth Matravers) then the other 25% of the village is having to pay for 100% of the amenities
Domestic waste is collected on a “honesty basis” i.e. the owners of holiday lets have to declare that they are putting out waste bins. However, how are Dorset Waste Partnership to know who has paid and who hasn’t? Therefore their refuse can be collected free of charge again at the expense of local residents.
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