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22 Jun 2019

Dorset Local Plan and the Statement of Community Involvement
We are writing to make you aware that Dorset Council is beginning work on a new Local Plan. The Council has also drafted a Statement of Community Involvement, which will begin consultation on Friday 21 June...

21 Aug 2017

An interesting article from East Devon Watch. Click here.

To quote:

“The land market is inefficient and fragmented,” says Tom Aubrey, from the Centre for Progressive Capitalism, who argues that these land promoters are a natural product of its dysfunction and lack of tra...

12 Aug 2017

Time for an update on what has (and has not) been happening with the Purbeck Local Plan

2 Aug 2017

A consultation on a new way for councils to assess their local housing requirements has been delayed until the autumn, the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) has confirmed.

The Housing White Paper, published in February, had promised a consultation t...

13 Jun 2017

Losing Democratic Rights: Wake up Purbeck residents!

Dear Editor

The Local Plan for Purbeck is for many residents one of the most important matters that they will face in their lives.

More market houses, greater pressure on roads, more pollution and the urbanisation of Pu...

20 Mar 2017

24 Feb 2017

Anna Lee of PDC emailed on 22 Feb 2017 regarding the Public Q&A Session, and Local Forums.

Here is an extract. The full text is here.

"Public Question and Answer Session: 16 March

Members of the public have lots of questions regarding the Local Plan Review so in order to...

22 Feb 2017

at 7pm in Wareham Conservative Club, South Street.


1 Update on actions from the meeting of 09.02.17

2 Planning Advisory Service Report

3 PDC Local Forums

4 Preparations for the month ahead; 16.03.17; Question and Answer session 1630pm ; Partial Review meeting 1900pm....

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