Purbeck District Council meets on Tue 21 Feb at 1900

Purbeck District Council meets on Tuesday 21 Feb at 1900. These two papers are on the agenda.

Local Plan Partial Review Dorset Home Choice Common Allocations Policy - proposed changes

The first paper has implications for community engagement and for PPAC; the second paper still weakens local connections yet includes CLTs and new approaches. The Planning Advisory Service report referred to in the first document is not yet on the website. It is reasonable to have this available for 21.02.17. Currently it is understood that council members are to receive a report in person from PAS prior to its publication.

PPAC will discuss these papers at our next meeting on Thu 23 Feb which is after the PDC meeting. You can of course attend the PDC meeting on Tue 21 Feb and comment during public time.

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