• Do we need thousands of unaffordable houses in rural Purbeck? 
  • Are the consultation figures based on flawed projections?
  • Why are government and its agencies imposing so many houses on Purbeck?
  • Will Purbeck become a commuter zone for Poole and Bournemouth? 
  • Should Purbeck be urbanised? 
  • Are the policies on second homes and affordable homes good enough and can they deliver? 
  • Will there just be more second homes?
  • Where are the plans for homes that are affordable for 
  • local people?
  • Where are the plans for jobs and homes for the young of Purbeck? 
  • Where are the plans for garden villages? 
  • Where are the community driven plans for Wool and Moreton? 
  • Is it fair to put so many houses in Moreton and Wool, thereby destroying these rural communities?
Can you find satisfactory answers to these questions in the Consultation document?
Some facts: 
Affordable housing is not what it says
Purbeck District Council has no plans for any Council houses, just plans for commuters, 
second homes and new residents to the area.
An average annual salary of £22,500 will not buy a market house of £250,000. Purbeck has a huge affordability gap between local incomes and house prices. This consultation does not address that gap. 
New houses will not be affordable for those on average salaries in Purbeck.